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We offer a variety of solutions that can fit all your business needs. When you choose, C.L. Moore & Associates, your business will be making even more money before you know it. Contact us today.

Taxes are something that everybody in the United States must deal with, every year. It can be very confusing and overwhelming for many people, which is where we come in. This becomes even harder to navigate when you are a business owner as well. Our team provides professional and expert advice to people who need help navigating their combined tax returns. Contact us today and we CAN help!

Making money can be easy, understanding how to manage it is hard. We make managing money easy for you. Let us take the worry of managing money so you can focus on what you love to do. Contact US today and we CAN help!

Many business owners have the tendency to get so focused on the “day-to-day” operations that they end up missing the “large picture” of their business. This is where we come in. Let our team see the “Big picture” for you and suggest the best ways to make cost saving decisions. .

C.L. Moore & Associates has experience assisting and acting as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for various schools/districts. We specialize in a wide variety of responsibilities, such as budgeting, record keeping, financial reporting, compliance with state and federal regulations, preparing for the annual MDE audit, and a general responsibility to ensure the school is functioning properly. Contact our office today and let us get your school or district on financial track!

Getting audited or needing assistance with an audit can be challenging, our experienced CPA and accountants have the knowledge and experience to help. Contact our office today.

Finding the best way to get into a new home can be a challenge. Our team knows all the ins and outs to assist you in this process. Contact our office today and let us get you home!

Understanding how your money can work for you can sometimes be hard, our teams knows how to help. We know best practices to make money, save money, and when the time is right, clean up debt. Let us walk you down the path to financial wealth management.

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